Writing a Blog about Your Business is Important

 What has writing a blog to do with my business?

writing a blog

This is a very good question and an answer is, yes. Blogging has a lot to do with any business in these days. Having a blog has became really popular, especially between the young people.

We will discus the blogging on regular basis, not having a static website. This is offering an excellent material for your visitors to read, watch, download and learn, to make this marketing strategy reliable. The business that are releasing their blog site post twice or 3 times per month, have much higher visibility and gain 75 % more leads on average. This doesn’t involve only the well known and big companies, even the smaller companies announced that they get considerable boost in generating more leads and earnings when they routinely update their blog sites.

This conclusion is informing us that blogging is highly efficient nowadays, and it need to be executed in every business plan.

Some businesses even state that its among the main ways to getting new clients and higher profits.

There are also a plenty of people who earn money blogging. For individuals, begin a blog isn’t really any big issue, so more people all around the world are beginning their blogs to publish and discuss their pastimes and activities.

Blogging is actually fun once you start.

So, no matter how small your home business is, or if you are practically to begin, get and begin a blog. Its an investment of number of bucks monthly, the price of a one inexpensive dinner. From the technical perspective, to set up and run a blog isn’t much complicated either.

Your short article needs to be between 500 – 1500 words with a few photos and a minimum of one video from youtube, vimeo, metacafe or day-to-day movement video sharing websites. These are called rich media, and it provides your web site a significance and instantly higher authority apart from the competitors website without video or images. Your major keyword needs to be in your title “How to Achieve Financial Freedom” and optimum of 1,5 % density in the short article body. So if your post is 1500 words, your major keyword will duplicate maximum 10 times. If its less, its no damage 3 – 10x.

The key is, when you are writing your article, that you don’t use the specific same keyword everytime.

for instance: Instead of stating each time “How to attain monetary liberty, you would state how set yourself financially free, the way to reach financial self-reliance etc. So an excellent diversity of synonyms and the words with comparable meaning. Offer your photos the alt tags and use your primary keyword with the other words for that, like this “learn how to attain financial freedom online” or “the basic way to get financially complimentary with these tips.

Or something like that. Just once more, do not make use of the exact same major keyword in the same format for each image alt tag.

And don’t forget to embed the video on your page. If you have no your own video and youtube account, i advise to get one, or simply go the youtube, enter your keywords and pick among the videos that shew up in the search engine result.

Start with Setting up your hosting provider

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