Cord Blood Banking Cost, Pros and Cons

If you are not far from your delivery date, then this is the wise time to think about what you are going to do with your umbilical cord blood and with that you must also know how expensive is cord blood banking for parents? You have to make this important decision as soon as possible because you need to preserve it and to do that you have to afford a high cost.

Now, most people might ask that why storing of cord blood is so expensive and the cost is also increasing day by day. When you are storing your umbilical cord blood, you are basically storing stem cells that can be used to treat a number of diseases and the list is also growing day by day.

cord blood banking cost

how expensive is cord blood banking

In other words, new parents are ensuring their newborn baby’s health by storing up their umbilical cord blood, so that if anything happens to their child in the future then they can use their own cord blood to save their baby. With the help of cord blood stem cells, genetic diseases along with leukemia, cancer, and other disorders can be treated as well.

Let’s now look at the costs of storing cord blood and whether it is worth it or not given below.

What are the costs of storing umbilical cord blood?

When storing your umbilical cord blood, it can be expensive and for some people, it might be somewhat difficult to store it. But when you see the awareness around you regarding cord blood storage, you think twice about storing it. In case of private banks, you need to pay an initial payment for collecting your blood and storing it which will be the enrollment cost and later on you will have to keep paying an annual fee for storing your cord blood. The number of fees will vary depending on the period of time you want to store it. Also, some private banks offer facilities to families that have problems in paying the initial cost.

The cost of cord blood banking is basically high because of the processing and storing if pretty much high. Now, for public banks you don’t need to pay any fees, it’s their responsibility to collect, test and store the blood. In this way, you will also be able to help out other people who are in need of cord blood and you will get a chance to save someone’s life.

Is cord blood banking worth it?

If someone in your family or even one of your closed ones is suffering from leukemia or any other type of cancer, then you must think about the cord blood banking to save their life. With your stored blood stem cells, there can be a perfect match for any patient and their life can be saved.

So, whether you want to donate it to any public bank or store it for yourself in any private bank, you must consider using your cord blood very wisely given the awareness about it.

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